Where Barbecue and Culture Meet

Barbeculture is the vision of a foodie with a flair for the grill and love for all things Memphis.

Knowing that bold flavors come from more than just a few herbs and spices in a bottle, founder Bill Townsend set out to provide products that pack a real Memphis punch.

Bill considered building a Memphis flavor empire from scratch but realized there was a wealth of expertise and culinary excellence already available locally—which is why acquiring the Memphis Marinades brand from World Grilling Champion and Memphis native Jim Bolan was his first step. Memphis Marinades are the cornerstone of a product line that seeks to bring grilling and cooking enthusiasts the best of traditional Southern BBQ flavors, coupled with innovative elements from modern gastronomy.

Our founder’s love for barbecue goes way back, stemming from a childhood filled with old-school Memphis greats: Three Little Pigs, Loeb’s, Tops, The Rendezvous, Jim Neely’s Interstate BBQ, The Public Eye and more. Now he finds himself enjoying “newcomers” to the Memphis scene like Corky’s, The BBQ Shop, Central BBQ and Vernon’s Smokehouse at Graceland. Big Star Barbeculture grew out of a desire to bring those Memphis flavors to grillers around the world—not just residents of the 901. With an ever-expanding line of sauces, rubs, expert grilling tools, marinades, and more, Bill is hoping more people will come to appreciate Memphis food culture right at home.

Pull up a chair. Stay awhile.