Preheat your grill for at least 15-20 minutes. If you fire up the grill (charcoal or gas) and put your food on a cold grill right away, you will not get a “sear” since the temperature will be uneven. The sooner you start cooking, the lower your cooking temperature will be. The longer you wait, the higher your cooking temperature will be.


Cooking straight from the fridge can lead to charred exteriors and underdone, cold, or raw interiors. Allow your meat to come to indoor room temperature (68-78 degrees) for 20 to 30 minutes before putting it on the grill. Remember: less food, less time to room temperature; more food, more time to room temperature. We recommend a maximum of one (1) hour at room temperature. See the U.S. Government’s website for their guidelines at usda.gov.


Enjoy the process of grilling and learning to barbecue! We’ve all got that friend who everyone says, “They barbecue like a pro!” They learned how to ’Q and so can you! Sometimes mistakes happen—a steak is under-done (put it back on the grill!) or the chicken is over-done. One time we charred the outside skin on the chicken—the inside was great though. So, we doubled down, got the BBQ sauce out, dunked the charred chicken in it, and put it back on the grill. Our guests never knew the difference.


We say “Just Add Water.” But try all kinds of liquids! Beer, wine, juice, cola—the possibilities are endless. The key is to use liquid that will dissolve the Memphis Marinades™ powder and activate the tenderizing ingredients. You can add olive oil (or other oils), but oil by itself will not create the marinade you need and want. Do not use only a citrus juice (orange, lemon, lime, etc.), as it will be too strong when mixed with Memphis Marinades.


For an extra-added punch, add an ounce of bourbon, rum, or tequila to the marinade mix. The alcohol will burn off (so, no drunken chicken or sauced-up steak) and may cause your food to flame up on the grill. So, be careful!