A prudently procured spice mix for particularly piquant poultry

A carefully curated seasoning for exacting carnivores

A little bit of Tennessee in every bite

Exotic herbs and spices for tantalizingly tender lamb

Makes wild a little more mild and tough a little more tender

The best way to put big flavors—and mouth-watering tenderness—into your favorite foods.

The Memphis Marinade Difference

Use our marinades with your favorite cuts of meat and test them out with fish and vegetables, too. Simply add water and get marinating! Unlike prepared marinades, you get several mixes out of one bottle—which means more bang for your buck.

Each marinade is formulated to complement the natural flavors of your food, help cuts of meat retain moisture during the cooking or grilling process, and tenderize cuts that may be tough without a little help.

  • Your kitchen’s secret weapon
  • A proprietary blend of herbs, spices, and a little Memphis magic
  • Perfect for grilling, roasting…or anything involving meat and heat